AGORA is the general name given to the "marketplace", political and commercial arena
in the heart of the city-states, settled along the Aegean shores in ancient history


Our mission is to organize valuable exhibitions and gatherings where the products and knowledge exchange will be prosperous and joyful.


In order to become one of the leading exhibition organizer company,

will organize exhibitions, congresses, gatherings in international standards

where the new relations will be established and the old ones will be refreshed

where fruitfull trade will be developing

that will provide benefits to the sectors in local, regional, nationwide and international scale

that will be benefitial to the local economies of the cities that we are active,

In order to achieve these goals we

shall be using all the channels of internet and developing technologies

with the aim to be in continuous communication with the exhibitors, visitors, and institutions

shall provide multilateral flow of information

shall be in continuous communication with the companies, institutions, and professionals of the sector

shall be investing to the profession, business and human resources

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