AGORA is the general name given to the "marketplace", political and commercial arena
in the heart of the city-states, settled along the Aegean shores in ancient history

AGORAS Fuarcilik Hizmetleri Limited Sirketi

Founded in 2010 Agoras Fuarcilik Hizmetleri Limited Sirketi (Agoras Exhibitions Services Limited Co.) is one of the youngest organizer company in the Turkish Exhibition Industry. AGORAS Exhibitions has been founded with the aim of organizing local, national and international scale exhibitions in the main cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara etc.

Beyond its own projects AGORAS is open to organize joint projects with international partners.

AGORAS is also open to representing International Exhibitions, and International Exhibitions Companies in Turkey, and facilitating the participations of the Turkish exhibitiors in these exhibitions.

Agoras Exhibitions was founded by Mehmet DÜKKANCI and his partners in 2010 and established its first office in Antalya, Turkey. Mr. DÜKKANCI is experienced in the exhibition business since 2003. He has been the Project Manager of Growtech Eurasia, Interlight Istanbul, Europort Eurasia 2007, during his duty with NTSR (the domestic Turkish Partner of Amsterdam RAI). Moreover he also served as Exhibitions Group Coordinator in ANFAS, (the owner of Antalya Expo Center) and has managed a portfolio of exhibitions in Hotel Supplies, Food, Fresh Fruits, Health Tourism, Stone industries.

Since its foundation AGORAS has organized 2 editions of FLORPLANT, Ornamental Plants and Landscape Architecture Exhibition and 1 edition of COSMOSHOW, Cosmetics, Beauty and Pesonal Care exhibitions.

The new interest topics for new shows in Antalya are as follows:
1- Renewable Energies and Energy Eficiency,
2- Confectionery,
3- SPA Industry,
4- Ornamental Plants and Landsaping Architecture and
5- Education

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