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We Invite you to Exhibit at RENSEF 2014 and to Meet Turkish Investors in Antalya
We are organizing the 2nd RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition in Antalya Cam Piramit to bring tourism and agriculture investors together with renewable energy systems and energy efficiency companies. As Agoras Exhibition Services, we invite you to exhibit in our RENSEF Exhibition.

Why an Energy Exhibition in Antalya?

There are 890 hotels and holiday camps approved by Ministry of Tourism in Antalya.There are about 100.000 greenhouses in Antalya that is the center of greenhouse cultivation. Energy is one of the highest expenses of tourism investors.

Producing free electricity out of sun is on the agenda of tourism and agriculture industries. Last year in our exhibition, visitors asked mostly about Photovoltaic applications. Antalya and neighouring regions get sun beams the most. Solar power plants are planned to be built in these regions. It's also mentioned that Antalya claims to be the solar capital of Europe. It's on everyone's agenda that producing electricity out of food and plant wastes and garbage produced by 11.000.000 tourists hosted every year, greenhouses and cities by using them as biomass and biowaste. Every solution proposal, every technology is evaluated carefully. Search and trials are going on.

We are at the beginning of energy efficiency in tourism facilites, agriculture, hospitals, shopping malls and municipalities. Every suggestion based on lowering electricity costs are taken very seriously.

Beside all these up-to-date subjects, can wind energy, geothermal energy and hydroplants be a solution to needs?

Another important subject everyone wonders is how to finance these investments. When can I profit after my investment?", "Which banks provide loans?”, "What kind of grants are there?” and similar questions are on the minds of potential investors.

We invite national and international stakeholders of the renewable energy industry to take place in an efficient exhibition in Antalya that considers renewable energy in this context.

Who are you going to meet?

1842 unique visitors visited the 1st RENSEF Exhibition we organized on October, 2013. According to the statistics, these visitors are energy investors, members of related engineering and professional groups, hotel investors, managers, technical managers and greenhouse investors and growers.

%26,5 of our visitors were from other cities of Turkey, %2,5 of them were international visitors and %71 of our visitors were from Antalya.

Energy investors, hotel investors, agriculture investors, shopping mall investors, financial managers and municipalites are among our target group in promotion works.

RENSEF Forum 2014

Various events in RENSEF Exhibition venue and 2nd Solar Symposium were organized parallel to our exhibition. Visitors and exhibitors were very interested in the events. In this context, we branded the event schedule to give it prominence.

Every company, supplier and service provider can organize meetings and seminars to make presentations promoting their firms, products and services to the industry for its price.

We invite industrial associations and institutions to organize their events for free.

You may click here for detailed information.

Do you want to be our sponsor in RENSEF 2014?

If you need to differentiate from other exhibitors, we offer various instruments to make better promotions. We offer sponsorship options includes instruments such as exhibition catalogue, exhibition web site, banners on newsletters, ID badge, badge lanyard, registration desk, hostess clothes, exhibition and forum bag, opening cocktail, gala dinner in the case of demand.

You may click here for all sponsorship options.

Floorplan, Exhibitors List, Prices

You can get detailed information of our exhibition on in both Turkish and English.

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We invite you to join our exhibitors

We invite you to exhibit in our exhibition to meet energy investors, tourism investors and agriculture investors, freshen relationships, promote services and apply for new projects.

We present our report to your assessment and wish to hear your positive feedback.

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