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We are Organizing the 3rd Florplant Exhibition on February

As Agoras Exhibition, we have been organizing the Florplant Ornamental Plants and Landscape Architecture Exhibition on September for the last two years with "investing in the world's green” slogan. As a result of general demands from our exhibitors, we are organizing Florplant on February this year when the first flower of the season blossoms in Antalya. We putting together a colorful exhibition in Antalya Cam Piramit between February 20 and 23, 2014.

The exhibition has been visited by park and garden executives of hotels and municipalities, landscape practitioners and flower enthusiasts for the last two years. Besides Antalya, Florplant was visited by native visitors from south of the line between Izmir and Sanliurfa and international visitors from Europe and neighboring countries of Turkey.

As Antalya prepares for Expo 2016, Florplant is organized as a regional meeting point for industry's international stakeholders. Agoras Exhibition Services LTD invites seasonal flower and ornamental plants growers, landscape services providers, suppliers of fertilizer, peat, pot, irrigation equipments to the Florplant Exhibition to promote their products and services.

Parks and Gardens executives of hotels and municipalities, landscape practitioner companies, landscape architects, construction contractors, site managers and flower enthusiasts are expected to visit the 3rd Florplant Exhibition which is open to the grower and ultimate consumer for the first time this year.

Events with theoratical and practical subjects related to the industry will take place during the exhibition where flower and garden equipments of ornamental plants growers and landscape companies are going to be exhibited. You can achieve detailed information about the exhibition and get your online invitation on

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