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We are organizing the RENSEF 2015 Exhibition between October 22 to 24

RENSEF 3rd Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition will be organized between October 22-24, 2015 in Turkey, Antalya.

37 companies and 24 institutions which operate in the fields of photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, biowaste and energy efficiency exhibited in RENSEF 2014 Exhibition that 750 visitors out of 2137 came from 48 provinces of Turkey. As Agoras Exhibition Services, we have completed our infrastructure works to provide a much richer exhibition to all our exhibitors and visitors. We began the promotional activities of RENSEF Exhibition that will be organized for the third time. Also, we have started our conversations with companies and institutions for determining RENSEF Forum program.

Click here to watch the promotional video of RENSEF 2014 Exhibition which was organized between October 30 - November 02, 2014, in Turkey, Antalya.

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